Meet our Team

Philippa Fordham

Philippa is the Virtual Office account manager.
She enjoys reading, dancing and shopping.

Contact her on: 020 7917 9917

Naomi Grossett

Naomi is a valued team member.
She enjoys teaching Drama on the weekends and making fabulous clothes.

Contact her on: 020 7917 9917

Michelle Price

Michelle is the smiling face that greets you at 180 Piccadilly.
She is an English graduate who enjoys reading and good food.

Contact her on: 020 7917 9917

Victoria Dreese

Victoria is the newest team member.
She is an expert in aromatherapy, reflexology and hairdressing, who recently returned from an epic trip of Asia.

Contact her on: 020 7917 9917

Richard Nissen

Richard is a successful entrepreneur and the founder of The Virtual Office.
He has many interests and can often be found sculling down the Thames.

Contact him on: 020 7917 9917

Anthony Nissen

As The Virtual Office MD, Anthony's main interests are his staff and clients.
A great supporter of growing businesses, he drives expansion strategy.

Contact him on: 020 7917 9917

Tina Miller

Tina has been the go-to team member for over 15 years.
When she's not at work Tina enjoys a good boot fair.

Contact her on: 020 7917 9924

Sally-Ann White

Sally-Ann has been a team member for over 15 years in a variety of roles.
She enjoys being creative and eating lunch in the park.

Contact her on: 020 7917 1708

Donna Clovis

Donna is the constant at our City office.
She is an actress who enjoys good food and family time.

Contact her on: 020 7392 2600

Amanda Henry

Amanda works part time at the City office.
Away from the office she is a mum of 3 and party animal.

Contact her on: 020 7392 2600

Shirley Lewis

Shirley is the friendly face of client accounts.
Her favourite colour is purple.

Contact her on: 020 7917 9972

Maria Bowes

Maria is the longest serving member of The Virtual Office team.
When she's away from the office she is mother to Molly and Harry.

Contact her on: 020 7917 9913

Justin Clark

Justin is our calm collected postal clerk.
He has a number of interests but no longer has any hair.

Contact him on: 020 7917 9556

Where are they now?

In this section we will be revisiting some of our former colleagues to see where they are now & what they have been doing.

Tim Bushell: Technical Development until 2002

Tim now lives in Melbourne with his partner Beth, almost fully domesticated and bringing up a 7 year old boy, Sid.
He works as a senior web developer at the head office of Village cinemas, specialising in digital Gift Card redemption websites.

He gets his thrills by recalling the fun and games at the Virtual Office in Piccadilly,
riding his MV Agusta motorcycle and flying radio controlled quadcopters, as well as the occasional band gig.

Susi Kaufenberg (Bock): Meeting Room Coordinator until 2007

Susi has been living in the San Francisco Bay Area for the past 5 years with husband Keith
and two handsome little boys: Liam (3.5 years) and Rhy (Rhyder -almost 1 year).

She works part time as an Executive Assistant/Translator
for an international electronics manufacturer and directly support the Director.

Deborah King: Sales & Marketing Coordinator until 2003

Debbie is based in East London and is also now Personal Assistant to the Chief Operating Officer of a FTSE 250 Insurance company;
the largest Syndicate on the Lloyd’s of London market.

In her free time, she seeks a future husband by travelling the world attending other peoples’ weddings.
Otherwise she enjoys live music, both listening and creating her own in London’s many karaoke booths.