Frequently Asked Questions

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Answer: Virtual Office services can be set-up within 24 hours once the completed application forms, identification documents and payment have been received.
Answer: This means the delivery of all messages to one location. The Virtual Office® can deliver all voicemails and faxes to your email account as attachments. All telephone services include unified voicemail.
Answer: Yes of course - we encourage you to visit us to view our meeting rooms, hot desk & internet cafe areas, and receive a demonstration of our personalised answering from one of our exceptional receptionists. Once you sign up for a service its always a pleasure to see you, so just pop in!
Answer: We have recently introduced this service as legal requirements for registered addresses have changed. You can take a registered address service with our Central London Mail addresses for £240pa. However, we require as a legal requirement details of all directors in case documents or information are requested by the tax man or customs and excise.
Answer: The Virtual Office┬« offers a one month rolling contract as standard on all virtual office contracts to ensure you are still in control of your business and cash flow. This also allows you to move services as your business expands or your needs change. We invoice 2 months in advance and require a fully refundable deposit of £300.
Answer: Dedicated workstations are available at The City Arc location for £70 per person per day and include broadband Internet connectivity with a telephone extension. This is subject to availability on an ad hoc basis. Flexible space can be arranged at our Mayfair offices depending on availability of office space for £65 per person per day. Additionally we have 4 very humble hot desk workstations available at 180 Piccadilly, which are free of charge to use. You can connect your laptop & make out going calls using your specifically allocated account code. This area is operated on a 1st come 1st served basis and we ask that everyone is respectful of the fact that this is free space and full time daily use is NOT permitted. Fully serviced office space is available on a monthly contract at our central London business centres; 180 Piccadilly, 50 Jermyn Street and The City Arc.
Answer: Your office can be operational in as little as 24 hours, or as required to accommodate your schedule.
Answer:We offer a range of configurations to suit a variety of needs including shared options, individual one person offices up to suites of offices to accommodate up to 20 people.
Answer:Our minimum contract term for serviced offices is also one calendar month with a notice period of one calendar month. We invoice 2 months in advance and require a fully refundable deposit of 2 months rent. Both our serviced and virtual office services operate on a one month rolling contract to provide your business with maximum flexibility.
Answer:In our serviced offices you get the same facilities, services and infrastructure as a large corporation but at a fraction of the cost. There is a fixed monthly charge which covers all your accommodation costs as well as services, infrastructure, IT and telecoms. The only variable costs are in respect of usage such as meeting rooms, photocopying or call charges. As a Serviced Office client you have two fixed costs: 1) Office rental 2) IT and telecoms rental. All support is available on site for you when you need it, from meeting rooms to secretarial support, but you only pay for what you use.

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